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Unicorn (Tianjin) Fasteners Co., Ltd., specializes in Fasteners and Fixings for furniture, construction, engineering and fabrication industries as well as the DIY users.

As a professional China fasteners maker, we can supply:
- Staples
- Finish Nails or Brad Nails
-Collated Nails (e.g. coil nails, strip nails)
-Staple Wire Band
-Galvanized Wire

Our fasteners are widely used by our global customers. Our staples can be driven into the work piece by use of a staple gun. Without a "head", our finish nails can be easily concealed. Our nails, typically driven into the work piece by a nail gun, are increasingly used in engineering, woodworking, construction, etc.

Our fasteners are of high quality because we carefully selected from raw material to fastener manufacturing equipments (for example, two Germany imported wire band transfer line are equipped).

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.




Carton Closing Staples Fine Wire Staples Industrial Staples Tracker Staples Angle Finish Nails Straight Finish Nails Coil Nails Strip Nails Staple Wire Band Galvanized Wire