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Staple Wire Band

Staple Wire Band


Descriptions of Staple Wire Band:

1. The staple wire band is a kind of steel wire band for manufacturing staples, brads nails and pins nails etc.

2. The material: galvanized iron wire and stainless;

Features of Staple Wire Band:

1. Bands wire surface: Electrogalvanized

2. Flattening degree: The staple wire band can be made with any degree of flattening, technically possible to be done using wire of .0.70 -1.80 mm;

3. Bands' color: Translucent, golden (The color may be different as per customer request.)

4. The average weight of empty spool: 35kgs

5. Packing: The outside layer of band is protected by thin layer of removable plastic foam and adhesive tape.

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