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Carton Closing Staples



Descriptions of Carton Closing Staples:

As a professional China fasteners maker, we can provide a wide range of steel staples, especially carton closing staples, fine wire staples and industrial staples etc. Our carton closing staples is suitable to use pneumatic tools and staplers or staple guns to complete any fastening project.


Features of Carton Closing Staples:

1. Wide range of application and high fastening ability;

2. Specifications: 32/35 are both available;

3. Galvanized and copper coated.


Applications of Carton Closing Staples:

The fasteners are mainly used for carton sealing. And the carton closing staple is suitable to both manual and pneumatic tools as well as other staple guns.


1. Carton Closing Staples 32 Series


Technical Parameters of Carton Closing Staples 32 Series:

Gauge 15GA
Crown 32mm
Width 1.90mm
Thickness 0.82mm
Finish galvanized and copper coated
Point chisel point

2. Carton Closing Staples 35 Series

Technical Parameters of Carton Closing Staples 35 Series:

Gauge 16GA
Crown 35mm
Width 2.25mm
Thickness 0.82mm
Finish Galvanized and copper coated
Point Chisel point
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